Coping With COVID

Corona virus can bring up a lot of different feelings for everyone. You are all very aware of how much stress we are all under right now. "Unprecedented", we have all heard this word at least 3 times a day since March. We have had widespread illnesses and outbreaks before but what is different about the monster called Corona virus  is that it came with a sweep from every part of the world. 

We are also dealing with the way our culture is reacting and there is such a high sense of panic that we are seeing things like panic hotlines, job loses, shortages-- don't know about you but I am down to one roll of toilet paper! 

It is high time we take our self-care seriously. Taking care of our minds during a global pandemic can be tricky so here is a list of tips that helped me:

5 Things I Did to Cope with COVID

1. Get Dressed 
I know, I know! For the first time ever you could cut back on laundry and I am asking you to get dressed everyday ugh. But it is true, you look better--you feel better. With no where to go, get dressed.

2. Practice a new hobby
Prioritize self-care! Integrate some new habits in your routine. Start with three new things. I have practiced yoga, read new books and learned how to cook new dishes during this time and it helps the time pass by. 

Limit the time you spend scrolling through social media, watching the news, typing into google "COVID-19", or even the time you spend with people who are pessimistic about the situation we are all in. We should be informed but constantly hearing upsetting news is not healthy, take time to unplug.

4. Move your body!
Establish a new routine to ensure you get out of bed. Go for a walk, try a new workout video, have a dance party! Figure out ways to move your body that feels good to you. Be sure to get fresh air and sunlight.

5.Practice Mindfulness
As tempting as it is to check our phones when we wake up first thing in the morning (guilty!) instead try starting the day with a mindfulness exercise:
  • Notice 3 things that you can see
  • Listen for 3 things that you can hear 
  • Notice 3 things you can feel in contact with your body
This has been proven to improve moods....I am sure there are studies about this somewhere.



  1. Thanks for sharing! Getting out and moving has been so important for me during lockdown! Thanks for sharing some great other tips! Charley Allison x

  2. Great article, I know when everything started to happen I was so worked up all of the time. Once I stopped obsessing over the news and unplugged a little bit it really helped my state of mind.

    1. I am so happy to hear you were able to unplug and stabilize.

  3. Inspiring Article. Learnt a lot. Yeah! This year is one that can’t be forgotten especially when one escaped being infected after getting exposed at the initial point of outbreak of Covid 19. Seeing your love ones gone though to a better place of rest & freedom. It took a lot to hold on to that tiny faith to believe in everything that brings happiness and determination to move on. Can’t forget the fear & doubts that almost took the better part of me.
    Yeah unplugging from such negative aura and plugging to the positive aura of total submission to God that gradually healed me. It is well! Thank you so much for this beautiful article.

    1. Wow. My breath is taken away by the perseverance and light I can feel when reading your comment. I am so happy you were able to find healing with the help of God! I hope when you look back on 2020 you think "wow, what a year of total transformation for me."

      Thank you so much.


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