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What is personal development anyway?
Great question! 

To me, personal development is learning a new skill within. What that looks like for me is breathing exercises, journaling, reading edifying literature, yoga or exercise (okay, may not exercise, but one day right?) listening to sermons, meditation and praying. Now, this list may look different for everyone which I am glad. My goal is to simply provide what works for me when I am down in the slumps, doing the hard work to improve my mental health, or just to spread love.

On this blog, you will find resources to aide you in growth, journal prompts to help you dig deeper, 

In all honesty, I was afraid to make a post like this one. I was afraid to start a blog. Of course, my first thoughts were no one will read it, my writing is not good enough, and that is why too much work; where would you even find the time? But as we know by now, I am the self-proclaimed QUEEN OF AFFIRMATIONS so to combat those thoughts, this is how I retrained my brain:

You are a solid writer with good ideas. Your words provide healing for many. 

So now my introduction of myself is: 

"Hi! I am Chelsea Francois, a personal development blogger. I provide a space for people to see they are not alone when they are feeling their feelings." 

Just like that, it became bigger than just me.


  1. great advise. I had the same feelings and thoughts when started my blog

  2. Great read. Personnel development to me is anything you do that makes you better than you were the day before.

  3. Yes! Personal develop is so important. Now I track my personal development every day.

    1. Tracking personal development.... I love that!

    2. Thanks Chelsea! Yes, I'm still tracking and I feel like I have made so much progress and can see more of my productivity each day. They always say, "what gets measured, gets managed"

  4. SO happy you're sharing your voice and I look forward to following along!

  5. Yes!! Personal development is CRUCIAL!!

  6. this is sooo crucial, thanks for sharing! xx

  7. Totally agree! Personal Development is such a huge thing <3

  8. I totally agree! Sometimes personal development looks like taking time for yourself.

  9. Love your blog! Looking forward to following you along on this journey! ❤️


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